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Condominium management

AMA IMMO offer its expertise to offer a tailor-made experience, meeting each specific need of your co-ownership. Our commitment: to ensure good management of your co-ownership, transparent and efficient, in order to maintain the value of your property while ensuring the comfort and satisfaction of each resident. Discover our personalized approach for worry-free management of your co-ownership.

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Tailor-made management

AMA IMMO is dedicated to offering tailor-made and highly professional management for each client.

Our central mission is to carefully supervise all aspects of the management of your condominium, ranging from daily maintenance to long-term strategic planning.


We are committed to ensuring the rigorous financial management of your property, including transparent accounting, collection of charges and supervision of budgets.


In addition, our role involves the effective coordination of maintenance work and repairs, while ensuring regulatory and legal compliance of the co-ownership. Our personalized approach means we work closely with boards and co-owners to understand and meet the specific needs of each property, ensuring management that not only maintains, but improves the value of your property investment.


360-degree management



We ensure rigorous daily management, including annual interventions and maintenance, meticulous execution of the maintenance log, prompt handling of interventions and emergency repairs, as well as regular maintenance and replacement of equipment, to ensure optimal preservation of your property.

ADMINISTRATIVE MANAGEMENT                                                                                             


Our company specializes in the efficient organization of general meetings, meticulous drafting of minutes, rigorous contract management, and updating records in compliance with the requirements of Law 16 and Law 25, among other essential administrative services.



Our company stands out for its clear and transparent accounting, ensuring timely payment to suppliers, efficient collection of condo fees, and regular updates of contingency and self-insurance fund accounts, among other essential financial services.

All of this is done with productivity, within reasonable timeframes, with managers who are available and at your service.


AMA IMMO has been your trusted property management company since 2006. With extensive experience managing a variety of properties, both new and old, we serve all neighborhoods of the island of Montreal and its surroundings. Our personalized approach and organization ensure efficient management tailored to each property.

The AMA IMMO team consists of about ten people dedicated to property management.

Our organization translates into rigorous and transparent management, where every decision is made with the utmost care and expertise. The deep experience and knowledge of our team in building matters allow us to efficiently manage all technical and structural aspects of the properties, ensuring their longevity and compliance with current standards.

AMA IMMO's commitments as a property management company are based on unwavering availability, prompt responsiveness, visionary proactivity, professionalism, and in-depth expertise in building matters. We are constantly attentive to our clients, ensuring smooth and effective communication to respond quickly to all requests and emergencies. Our team demonstrates remarkable proactivity, anticipating the needs of properties and proposing innovative solutions even before challenges arise.

In short, AMA IMMO combines technical expertise, rigorous financial management, and first-class customer service for a serene and rewarding property management experience.

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